Estradiol Undecylate 500mg/10ml

Injection for DIY HRT with 10 ml of 50mg/ml estradiol undecylate for longer application intervals. MCT Oil based for easy subq application and low allergy risk. Professionally lab tested.


Estradiol Undecylate Injection containing 500 mg EU/10ml (50 mg/ml).
Multi dose vial, for intramuscular or subcutaneous (recommended) use.
Professionally lab tested for purity, concentration and contaminants.

Estradiol Undecylate is interesting for all who do not want to inject too often. It allows for a recommended application frequencies of 14 or 22 days for stable estradiol levels. Intervals of up to one month are possible even though this will lead to less consistent estradiol levels with low trough.

Dosage Guide

We list three different dosages for each application frequency as a guideline. The low dose can be used with a anti-androgen/testosteron blocker, for some it might work as monotherapy.
The high dose will certainly allow for monotherapy. We recommend starting monotherapy with the medium dose and check the blood level for testosterone after 8-12 weeks and adjust if needed.

Frequency 14 days 22 days 30 days Vial lasts for
Low (5 mg/week) 0.20 ml 0.32 ml 0.45 ml 21+ months
Mid (7 mg/week) 0.28 ml 0.44 ml 0.62 ml 15+ months
High (9 mg/week) 0.36 ml 0.57 ml 0.79 ml 12+ months

If blood tests are not possible, you can start monotherapy with the medium or even high dose just to be sure. Try to avoid frequent or large jumps in dosage, give yourself the time to adjust and feel differences and changes. Do not change more than one factor at a time, to better judge the effects.


The regular label states the full product content and concentration. The vials can also be supplied with a stealth label showing an inconspicuous product name (the product code and the colour of the vial cap will indicate the correct content, so that you can be sure). Please note that depending on the destination country we may chose to select the stealth label for security and privacy reasons.

  • Estradiol Undecylate
  • MCT Oil
  • Benzyl Alcohol 2% (preservative)


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