Accepted Cryptocurrency:

  • LTC – Litecoin (suggested for speed and low fees)
  • XMR – Monero (suggested for privacy)
  • BTC – Bitcoin (common, but expensive)
  • BCH – Bitcoin Cash
  • ETH – Ethereum

If you want or need to use a different coin, please ask.

Payment Process

  • You will be given the payment amount and a payment address for selected coin after checkout and via email.
  • Order will be marked as paid automatically if the exact payment amount is detected.
  • Orders will be cancelled after a certain amount of time with no payment, but don’t worry: you can still use the payment data, we will reopen the order for you after payment.
  • If your payment is not recognized after a few hours, or if you did not transfer the exact amount, just contact us and we’ll process it manually for you.

Crypto Currency Help

What do I need?
  • Either access to an existing crypto wallet with funds, or
  • An account with a crypto exchange that allows buying crypto currency.

Possible crypto exchanges are: paybis, coinex, margex, coinbase, binance and many more. Some exchanges will ask for a form of identification upon registering or buying coins, others might not.

I opened an account at a crypto exchange, what next?
  • Buy the desired type and amount crypto currency into your wallet and pay for them using creditcard, paypal, etc.
  • Remember to buy a bit more than you need, to pay for transaction fees.
  • Sometimes you can buy coins directly into a target wallet, instead of your own, which is one step less to perform. (Paybis is an exchange that allows this). In this case select “buy coins”, select your payment mode and source currency (e.g. credit card and EUR), then select target coin (e.g. LTC Litecoin) and enter the payment address given in the checkout as the target address for this purchase.
  • When sending funds, try to enter the exact payment amount as the target payout, to allow the shop system to match your payment to your order.


If you have any questions regarding crypto payment or if your payment is not processed after a while, please just contact us and let us know about the amount and transaction id, we’ll sort it out manually for you.

External Resources and Help

HRT Café also has a good guide on crypto payment: