New products

We are now offering Estadiol Undecylate in a concentration of 50 mg/ml. This is a great alternative to Enanthate as it allows application intervals of two weeks (streching up to four).

Also, after receiving questions about Estradiol Enanthate 50 mg/ml, we have decided to offer this as an alternative for people using higher weekly doses. (When using lower dosages. see our recommendations, we still advise to chose the 40 mg/ml vials to avoid keeping vials open for too long.)


We are live!

Hi hello! We are open at last, starting with Estradiol Enanthate (40 mg/ml) vials, currently shipping inside the EU. We are working on shipping options to the UK.

We are also working on offering Estradiol Undecylate, for those who do not wish to inject weekly.